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Texture: A new trend in countertops.

Thinking of remodeling a kitchen or bath? We’re seeing a new trend that’s worth a look — and a feel.

Granite vs. quartz vs. marble vs. concrete and myriad other options is one debate, but recent design trends show a move toward using more textured, tactile finishes for countertops. While high-polished shine remains the most popular choice, honed or leathered surfaces, are bringing a whole new and different dimension to kitchens and baths.

Marble, granite and even quartz can be honed, which provides a matte, velvet or satin finish, or even “leathered” using a variety of grinding brushes, wheels and water jets that create small ridges of texture to simulate the look and feel of leather. The process works particularly well with darker colors and is often suggested for flooring as it is less slippery. Both processes make fingerprints, watermarks and crumbs less conspicuous, with obvious benefit to busy homeowners. The softer texture can provide more casual feel to a room than a high-polished surface, but also feels very fresh and contemporary.

Concrete countertops provide a lots of options including a seamless design and a wide variety of finishing options.

Honed finishes need to be resealed more often than polished finish as it is more susceptible to liquid stains, but because of the lack of shine, flaws can also be concealed more easily. The choice of finish will also affect the depth and richness of color. Leathered countertops are very pleasant to touch because of their unique texture. The leathering process keeps and highlights the natural color of the stone and gives the countertops a natural and somewhat rustic appearance.

You’ll be seeing more and more of this exciting trend.

Do these ideas make it to the “finish” line for you?